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Rope access

Over the years industrial rope access has become more and more popular across Sweden and Europe, this due to the height of buildings increasing and the difficulty in maintaining these building types.

Our rope access teams go straight to work completing most maintenance jobs far quicker than traditional methods, our team members have years of rope access experience as well as experience in industrial maintenance and cleaning.

Rope access is a more affordable solution then hiring expensive cranes or sky lifts. Its a safe working method without the need for machine permits.


Ground based camera

Ground-based camera inspections is performed on the ground near the wind turbine.This type of  inspection can go one step further by using a computerized and motorized scanning system that produces a complete photo-scan of the blade, from tip to root. This semi-automatic system gives a complete picture of the blade surface. It also provides a single mosaic image of each blade surface, putting them altogether as one image that has been optimized by image-enhancement algorithms.

By putting all the images together, the mosaic can be a significant time-saver in that it allows the inspector to review just one image of a blade surface rather than 20 to 50 singular images of segments of the blade surface.

Drone based inspection

Drones add another dimension to optical inspections, allowing the camera to scan the blade from a very close distance. This can be beneficial in certain weather conditions such as fog or rain, where the image from ground-based cameras can be degraded. The drawbacks to the drone approach include the added complexity and cost in the piloting of the drone.

If your fleet inspections involve thousands of blades, it is important to keep all the inspection reports, images, blade condition and repair status well organised. Frequently, there is an interest in viewing the history of the blade by referring back to images taken during previous inspections to understand how the defect, such as a crack, has changed over time and its rate of development.

Rope access inspection

RAW Solutions specializes in inspections and maintenance of all types of wind turbine blades and towers using rope access. RAW Solutions rope access teams provide professional and cost-effective service. Our company is following the rules and regulations of IRATA or SPRAT depending on the team setup, all work on wind turbines is preformed by GWO certified personell.

All personell working with blade repairs and inspections from ropes is qualified and experienced blade experts.

Blade repair / maintenance

Quality blade repair is essential.  Blades will take a lot of abuse over their lifespan. Blade damage and erosion slows down everything and effects production even more than we sometimes belive. Wind turbine blades are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. Considering nearly all of a blades life it is exposed to hard  rain, snow, ice, blowing sand, heat, hail and lightning. At some point these elements will gradually destroy the surface. And this will  affect the aerodynamics, and will eventually effect overall efficiency of the turbine.

Inspections, routine service and maintenance will result in a longer life expectancy of our customers’ investments. Early detection and repairs of visual erosion, cracks, or lightning strike damage is critical in evading continued deterioration which requires more costly repairs in the future.


We also offers these consulting services:


  • GWO training
  • Wind turbine fiberglass repair training
  • Blade damage assessment
  • Safety supervision of rope access work
  • Blade damage repair recommendations
  • Offshore services
  • Rescue training
  • Work at height training
  • Warranty inspections
  • PPE inspection

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